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Once you opt for the SHIRDI TECH virtual office package, you become entitled to a varied bouquet of ‘value for money’ services. These include –

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  • A professional address – All our clients can use the address of SHIRDI TECH on their brochures, letter heads, calling cards as well as for stationary and postal services. By providing you with a professional address, we help your business get its own identity that instills confidence in your employees as well as your existing and potential clients. Having a professional business address also alleviates the personal security and privacy concerns that are associated with running a home-based business.
  • Local contact number – The moment you opt for the SHIRDI TECH virtual office package, we give you a dedicated local telephone number for your chosen city.
  • Business center amenities – Starting from business meeting space and envelop scanning to on-site amenities, in-bound telephone and fax numbers, we will offer them all to help your business grow.
  • Call answering facilities – With our professionals attending to all your calls ‘live’, you no longer have to miss important calls, face amateurish cell phone answering or get annoyed with your business calls being directed straight to the voicemail. By choosing SHIRDI TECH virtual office package, you can ensure that all your calls are answered in your company’s name in real time. Starting from scheduling your meetings and appointments, to following up on your appointments, we can do it all. You can even use our dedicated call answering facilities to leave specific instructions for callers or to ensure proper welcome for your guests in your absence.
    * Please note that call answering facility doesn’t include voice mail services.
  • Call forwarding – If you would like to attend to your business calls yourself, we can help with that as well. Apart from forwarding the call to your personal contact number, we can also send you notifications via SMS or e-mail.
  • Conference call – We facilitate conference calls for you. We connect you to your client calls made to our land line number. With rich audio quality that guarantees a professional call flow, you can now connect to your clients via conference calls from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Mail and package handling – Irrespective of whether it’s a mail or a package sent via courier by your clients or business associates, we can efficiently handle them all. We also forward to them to a specific addresses, on pay-by use basis.
  • On-demand support staff – At times, your business may need an extra set of hands, eyes and ears. We can help you with on-demand support staff to offer services not included in our package, albeit on a chargeable basis. This way, you won’t need to spend money and time to hire, coach, and maintain full-time employees.

With SHIRDI TECH virtual office package, you can strengthen your company’s image with a prominent business address and a professional voice. With utmost flexibility that this package offers, you can look forward to enjoying a healthy work – life balance, irrespective of the size of your business.

What’s more, getting all the tasks done on time becomes cakewalk, as you can bid adieu to the distractions that are common while working from your home office or that corner coffee shop. By getting access to professional and high-tech office space, equipment, staff and administrative support on a pay-as-you-go basis, you no longer need to shoulder the burden of a huge investment or a long term lease commitment. Still in a dilemma about saying YES to SHIRDI TECH virtual office package? Remember that you can enjoy business success only when you minimize your overhead, cut down your costs and boost your sales. And all these are made easy with our virtual office package for a fraction of the cost of renting and running a physical office.

A professional image is important in your business. So, get yours now with SHIRDI TECH virtual office package and there would be no stopping you.

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